This Demonstrative Evidence Value Pack is perfect for the legal nurse consultant who wants to know how to most effectively assist clients. This is an important aspect of evidence presentation

3 hours of education

Value Pack $57

If purchased individually, the cost for all of these items is $75.
By purchasing the package you save $18!

The Demonstrative Evidence Value Pack contains the replays of these webinars and teleseminars:


Efficient and Effective Use of Demonstrative Evidence to Make the Case: $25 value

Legal professionals have to balance the desire for an effective presentation with the need to be more conscious about costs related to the litigation. Are you on the cutting edge of courtroom presentation technology?

Time and cost constraints affect the selection and development of demonstrative evidence. You know the economics of preparing for and trying cases are changing. In this webinar, you’ll discover a methodology for better organizing the visual support of a case. Your client will love you for managing expenses at every step of the discovery and trial preparation stage.


Visual Evidence: Helping Your Attorney Client Succeed: $25 value

. Clear demonstrative evidence can make or break a case. Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to convince attorney clients to develop exhibits for any stage of a case?

In this program, you’ll learn how to work with attorneys to clearly define key concepts and create effective and efficient exhibits. You’ll gain an overview of the technology now available for producing persuasive exhibits. Discover the types and uses of a variety of presentation formats, from flip charts to computer generated demonstrations. ($25 value for webinar replay, slides included)

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to market this service to expand your role and assist your clients serve their clients.


Show, Not Tell: $25 value

  • Are you getting the most out of demonstrative evidence/graphics/exhibits you decide to use in a case?
  • Do you know the optimum time to plan demonstrative evidence?
  • Are your graphics absolutely clear and compelling?
  • Do you know how to obtain effective feedback to improve your exhibits?
  • Do you wonder when to use low tech, medium tech and high tech demonstrative evidence?
  • Have you envisioned a trial as a play that needs visual aids at each stage?

If you have answered one or more questions “no”, this is the program for you. Designed for legal nurse consultants, this program will assist you to plan effective visual aids, work with a graphics designer to obtain the results you need, and direct the courtroom drama with on-target demonstrative evidence.

Your investment for Demonstrative Evidence Value Pack

The total for these programs if you purchased them individually is $75. You get them for only $57 for instant access.

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