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Are electronic health records safe? Do they cause more errors? Learn the answers to these questions from an inside expert. Electronic health records are complex and have shattered traditional care delivery models. While electronic health records are intended to enhance efficiency and patient safety; the potential for errors is HUGE. Learn how healthcare providers take shortcuts with records and what that means to the patient.

This webinar will help you gain a deeper insight into key aspects associated with EHR integration that impact safe and quality care delivery. The expert presenter will discuss common safety issues associated with potential risks and errors associated with electronic health records. Every legal nurse consultant needs this information in order to understand the EHR’s impact on safety and medical errors and to help attorneys understand these issues.

In this 90 minute webinar you will learn:

  • To identify key Electronic Health Record (EHR) design considerations to ensure patient safety versus increased risk for errors.
  • To identify safety issues related Electronic Health Record design, integration and utilization
  • Why nurses are so disgruntled with EHRs and how that affects your role as an LNC
Dr. Becky Rufo
Dr. Becky Rufo


Becky Rufo DNSC RN CCRN has served in a system leadership role for 6 Electronic Health Record implementations in a large Chicago health system. She led the implementation efforts of 2 different Tele-ICUs in large Chicago health systems and received national recognition for excellence. She is an Associate Professor in a Graduate Nursing Program in Nursing Informatics. Dr. Rufo has 30 years nursing experience related to clinical, leadership, organizational development, education, and informatics and achieved national recognition in publications, presentations and won 2 awards for excellence in Telemedicine.

Electronic Health Records: Are They Safe?