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Does this happen to you? Clients request services for which they cannot pay. You provide the services, and then struggle to obtain payment. Your cash flow is strangled by slow payers. Your relationships with clients are poisoned by payment issues. Greg Williams, a master negotiator, and Pat Iyer, legal nurse consultant, have teamed up to provide you with tactics to negotiate to get your invoices paid. They will teach you how to set up a system that avoids misunderstandings, and what to say and do to achieve the maximum probability of obtaining full payment. You’ll learn how to know when to bend versus when to adhere to a negotiating strategy.

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In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Use bonding methods to make it easier for clients to communicate financial hardship
  • Use proven strategies to avoid collection issues
  • Recognize common excuses for delays in payment invoices
  • Use successful negotiating strategies to collect your money

As an added bonus, you will receive a free e-booklet that will teach you how to:

  • Negotiate like a savvy politician
  • Negotiate smarter by using passion to disarm your opponent
  • Negotiate sincerely but know when to bail out


patmed2smPatricia Iyer is the former president of Med League Support Services, an independent legal nurse consulting firm that provides services to two market segments that pose collection challenges: attorneys and insurance companies. She has a Masters Degree in Nursing and is a certified legal nurse consultant (LNCC) from the American Association of Legal Nurse Consulting. She has taught thousands of nurses, physicians, attorneys, and paralegals in live programs, teleseminars and webinars.

greg_williams-1Greg Williams is an expert in negotiation. He has a vast degree of experience in coaching, training and assisting consultants, business professionals, and business owners in the fine art of how and when to utilize tactics and strategies when negotiating. He has over 500 published articles on negotiation to his credit, and is the author of the book, Negotiate: Afraid, ‘Know’ More. As a business owner since 1993, Greg has an extensive background in management and business operations. He is an author and presenter, with a background in politics (having run for political office) who has mastered the art of negotiation and is a recognized public speaker and trainer on that subject matter. Greg has spoken before and trained countless number of people in corporations, and individuals, on how to become savvier negotiators. He has negotiated many multi-million dollar deals, on behalf of his clients. (See also Greg’s teleseminar, “Negotiate Your Way to Success”.)


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“You are definitely the one and only leading expert in the field.”
Dolores Austin JD RN Phoenix, AZ

“The highlight of the AALNC conference was meeting you – at last! I have so deeply admired your brilliance and vast amount of knowledge that you so willingly share. You have been such an inspiration and fountain of information- I was quite awestruck- you’re like a rock star of the LNC world! You have this amazing ability to leave the listeners at the edges of our seats”
Laura Johnston RN, CRRN, CWS, FACCWS, Pittsburgh, PA

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Pat on a joint project. She did what she promised, delivered great advice (personally and for the project), and brought a constructive, thoughtful attitude every time we met. I recommend her work unconditionally. Best of all, she has a wonderful sense of humor. The world needs more people like Pat.”
Alex Brown, President and CEO (Chief Everything Officer), Real-Life Projects, Inc. Princeton, NJ

What people say about Greg Williams:

“If you haven’t heard Greg speak you should. Today’s economy seems to have given people the excuse to try and negotiate everything. Greg gives insight on how to use negotiation in everyday situations to achieve the outcome you desire. He truly is The Master Negotiator.”
David Steel, Keynote Speaker, Author and Coach, The Steel Method

“Greg, the tips you give on how to save lots of money on anything you buy, or make lots of money on any service or product you sell, are indispensable.”
Les Brown (Internationally known motivational speaker)

“Mr. Greg Williams or ‘The Master Negotiator’ as the world knows him, is an expert in the craft of negotiation. I had the opportunity of inviting Greg to be a guest on the A New Day Cable TV Show; and the information he presented surpassed our expectations. Greg lives up to the title The Master Negotiator…because he is indeed a “MASTER” at negotiating; my format for the show is conversational…and the conversation/interview went smoothly for three segments which is equal to ninety minutes of conversation. The ratings go up when these episodes are aired.”
Daphne Clarke-Hudson, PhD, who hired Greg as a guest on a TV show

Negotiating Successfully to Collect Your Cash