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Do you:

  • need to increase success rate in getting in the door with prospect decision makers?
  • not know what to say to interest prospects?
  • find yourself unable to get past the gatekeeper
  • have difficulty in overcoming objections?
  • seem to never have enough time to make prospect calls?

This program is for you. You must get in the door IF you want to close the sale. Generating new sales from new clients is essential part of growing a business and staying in business. Attorneys are busy and often difficult to reach, protected by gatekeepers. Many legal nurse consultants are not familiar with sales techniques that work. Mailings are expensive, time consuming and often do not produce results. Simple techniques implemented properly can put you on the road to success. You will learn practical solutions anyone can implement for knowing what to do and say to get in the door with prospects. You’ll hear answers for common prospect objections and tips for making the gatekeeper your ally. You’ll define strategies for making time for business development.

In this 1-hour webinar you will learn how to:

  • Deliver more relevant and compelling messages to prospect decision makers
  • Recognize commonly used objections when attempting to secure client’s business
  • Be prepared with effective answers to prospect objections
  • Use tips for enlisting the gatekeeper’s help to connect with the decision maker
  • Incorporate business development calls into a busy schedule

Tip Sheet – 3 Little-Known Techniques That Work For Opening Doors, from the Chief Door Opener®


caryn_koppCaryn Kopp, MBA has been dubbed the Chief Door Opener®. She is an MBA graduate with more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. She has helped numerous business owners and sales people in a variety of industries stop wasting time on business development strategies that don’t produce results. She helps her clients pinpoint the most direct path in the door with prospect decision makers, dramatically increasing the success ratio in closing more new business. A nationally recognized speaker, Caryn is an expert in business development. She is the Managing Director of Kopp Consulting, LLC., a nationwide company which helps its clients secure initial meetings with high level, hard to reach, decision makers. This is a program called The Door Opener® Service.

Kopp Consulting, is in its 12th year of successfully helping a business owners and salespeople in a variety of businesses navigate the difficult landscape of business development and pinpoint the direct path to more closed sales. When the business was in the early years, Caryn was the one on the phones for her clients, helping them find opportunities, piquing the interest of hard to reach decision makers and getting her clients in the door. For this reason, she has been dubbed Chief Door Opener®. One of her clients went from $0 in sales to $5 million in 3 years as a result of Kopp consulting’s efforts. Another client started an effort within the last few months, devoted only 5 hours per week to getting in the door with prospects and has since closed $883K with $1.2MM in the pipeline for 2011. Would you like to know specifically what we’re doing for them that has been so successful? Tune in, she’ll tell you!

Caryn is an expert at lead generation. She really knows how to hone your message so your campaign is successful. Her help was valuable in making our calls more productive. Her top qualities are great results, expert and (performed with) high integrity.
—Alice Heiman, President & Chief Sales Officer, Alice Heiman, LLC

“Caryn: You inspired me with your talk. I made a cold call today – but before I did, I planned out my 6 sentence talking points with a little of my creativity based on their positioning. Amazingly I was put through to Pres; had a great call; and will be meeting with him. So thank you!’
—Ellen Silverman, President, ESA Marketing

“After your seminar we feel more confident making calls. We are using everything in our toolbox that you gave us. Excellent!”
—Theresa Kendall, Janet Duggan & Associates

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Get Started Tips
by Caryn Kopp

Being Prepared with objections
One thing I can tell you about objections: if you can’t overcome them, you’ll never close the sale. Here are 3 tips to stay in control so you can get to the next step.

  • Tip 1. Identify all the objections you will face and then develop answers to overcome them (before you’re ever on the phone with someone).
  • Tip 2. Practice the answers until they don’t sound rehearsed.
  • Tip 3. Couple every response with a request for the next step. Which sounds like this: “I understand you’re busy. Let’s look a little further out on the calendar, say the 3rd week of next month? How’s Thursday at 10?”

If you’re prepared, rehearsed and request next steps, the sales cycle takes less time.

Next Step to Yes!
You can shorten the sales cycle with what I call Next Step to Yes! Ask for a next step during every contact point with a customer or prospect. Here’s an example. When a prospect asks for a proposal, secure a follow up date and time right there and then, at the moment when it’s most important. You can avoid all that wasted time trying to get them back on the phone.

Time Management-Tips for Incorporating New Business Development Into Your Busy Day
Finding time for new business development can be a huge struggle. There’s always something else that seems to be more important. But what I’ve found is that people who don’t carve time for this, find themselves with an empty pipeline down the road. So I have 3 tips for fitting new business development into your busy schedule.

    • Tip 1. Schedule a block of time on your calendar for new business and consider it as firm as a meeting with a new prospect. You’d NEVER cancel one of those.
    • Tip 2. Don’t accept interruptions during business development time. Put your phone on do not disturb, turn off the IM, cell phone, Blackberry, pager and hang a do not disturb sign on your office letting others know that you’re unavailable just as if you were out of the office at a meeting.
    • Tip 3. If you’re truly swamped, reduce the size of your prospect list. Focus on 10 prospects you’re drooling to do business with. If 10 is too many, pick 5. If 5 is too many, rethink your desire to earn more money.

Fill that pipeline now.
Knowing how to find the decision makers to fill your pipeline can be challenging. Here are a few strategies for connecting with prospects that will help everyone jumpstart this effort.

    • Tip 1. The first is an email introduction. This strategy is often overlooked. Someone you know may have a connection to a decision maker. The email introduction can be as simple as Joe Smith, meet Sarah Jones. Enjoy. You know what this gives you? Permission! Permission to communicate directly with the decision maker.
    • Tip 2. Change up your networking activities. Find out where your prospects network… and go there. A person I know was targeting large businesses, yet networking with small business owners. How many sales has he closed from that? None. As the saying goes, Fish where the fish are.
    • Tip 3. Make a list of decision makers. And, call them with a POWERFUL message. Use words which are so compelling your prospect would be foolish not to invite you for a meeting. I know a company that used to give a one line description of their product and didn’t get many meetings. So we tweaked their message and now they say they are the company that saves their clients $100k in costs. They’re getting a lot more meetings and in a lot less time.
The Path to the Cash! Will your message get you in the door?